gathering community through recreational esports
to gather together
we believe in gathering and growing communities. we do this by creating digitally organized social experiences around things people love - and for us, that means gaming. mission control empowers organizations to host recreational esports - similar to college intramurals or summer softball, but with video games - for players who want to gather and grow with their community.
Esports and Mission Control
Admin Panel
Mobile app
administrators use our web app to manage their organization, launch new leagues, communicate with players, and evaluate their performance. players use our mobile app to join leagues, track stats, manage their schedules, submit scores, and connect with other players.
Esports is the competitive play of video games, and like the term ‘sports’, it encompasses many titles and styles of play. Mission Control uses an admin platform, for organizers, and a mobile app, for players, to gather communities by structuring recreational esports leagues.
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