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Success and Esports

Esports Observer Announces Mission Control Partnership with NCRPA for State Championship

March 11, 2021

Esports Observer announces that Mission Control is partnering with North Carolina Recreation and Park Association to bring recreational esports competition to North Carolina! Cities across the state will host qualifying rounds through the Mission Control platform, before sending their best players to the (virtual) State Championship.

“Esports programs allow parks and recreation agencies to break down barriers that may discourage residents from participating in municipal recreation programs. Esports, like traditional sports, are viable for local parks and recreation because they are accessible on one level, yet can also provide economic impact through large scale tournaments and events, driving awareness and sports tourism.” says Matt Carusona, Director of programs and marketing for NCRPA.

Carusona Continues, "In parks and recreation, we view esports as complementary to traditional sports. Entry into esports is straightforward compared to the training and the equipment needed to play a sport like football or lacrosse. Interest in video games is shared across generations and can be more accessible than traditional sports, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic when travel and gatherings are restricted. Not being able to offer our traditional State Tournaments in basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball, we saw this as an opportunity to partner with a leader such as Mission Control and launch an esports tournament."

Interested in getting your city involved? It’s not too late! Email revenue@missioncontrol.gg for more information.

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