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Mission Control Launches U.S. Parks and Recreation Esports Championship (USPREC) - Presented by HyperX

April 27, 2021

Yahoo! Finance just announced the first ever U.S. Parks and Recreation Esports Championship (USPREC), presented by HyperX!

"Starting April 27th and continuing until July 1st, towns across the U.S. will host qualifying events, where winning players will advance to USPREC. Towns can seamlessly use the Mission Control platform to host these events or find their teams on their own. Following the qualifying events in July, players will compete head to head to see who will be named the USPREC champion.

Over this past year, leading parks and recreation organizations have turned to video games as a way of continuing to connect communities while in-person activities have been limited. This summer Mission Control is excited to build off the success of these programs and provide organizations this unique opportunity to come together on a national level."

If you're interested in learning more, visit the USPREC website at www.missioncontrol.gg/usprec!

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