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Mission Control Partners with HyperX and Launches U.S. Parks and Recreation Esports Championship

April 27, 2021

Esports Insider just announced the first ever U.S. Parks and Recreation Esports Championship (USPREC), presented by HyperX!

Kitty Nguyen, Esports sponsorships specialist at HyperX added: “HyperX understands that gaming has become a primary way for people and communities to stay together and have fun while gaming.
“Having the right HyperX peripherals elevates gaming and brings players closer together as they are immersed in a game, in a digital way over the last year.”

According to the release, towns across the country will be able to use Mission Control’s platform to host qualifying events. Winning players will then advance to the main USPREC tournament.

If you're interested in learning more, visit the USPREC website at www.missioncontrol.gg/usprec!

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