Transforming Traditional Communities: Recapturing the Next Generation Through Esports
Natalie Bell, May 1, 2020

In the midst of our nation's newfound need to embrace social distancing, the first stretch into 2020 has confirmed a not-so-shocking universal truth: we are in for some challenging and unprecedented times. As people desperately search for connections and support, screens are becoming our front doors to "get out of the house." The challenges of COVID-19 emphasize a pertinent point: Our technologies are extensions of ourselves, and innovation in this realm will only continue to increase. In the ever-expanding world driven by digital natives and social media adopters, esports is emerging as the premier platform for community programming to stay relevant and valuable for multigenerational socialization. After all, at the core of every sports fan — either in person or behind a screen — lies the spirit of community.

The digital transformation of traditional communities cultivates greater potential for community organizations. Parks and recreation centers act as leaders in social equity, wellness, and conservation, and facility-specific esport league programming enhances exactly that. These leagues are just like your soccer or ultimate frisbee intramurals, but now in games like Fortnite, NBA2K, and more. Esport leagues provide the opportunity to expand communities by incorporating virtual audiences.

Mission Control has created a platform for rec departments to gather a following, host leagues for various game titles, communicate with community members, and manage their esports operations. The platform allows hosts to quickly and easily set up and run leagues, while Mission Control handles the time-consuming tasks of player registration, game scheduling, and scoring.

Mission Control's versatile leagues help provide a new amenity for the community and bring on new revenue streams from increased foot traffic, cross-promotions, and improved programming efficiency. Mission Control is an industry leader for hosting esport rec leagues and reaching the gamers in your community. When it's time for your organization to level up your programming, Mission Control will be there ready to help launch you to new heights.

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